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Learn to OM


This is an often vulnerable and intimate journey for people to begin on. 

You may be single.
You may have a partner right over your shoulder.
You may be terrified to even bring this up to anyone.

However you are, welcome. Your Orgasm is right.

Of the more than 300,000 people who have learned this technique since 2003, the only common element was a hunger for more. More intimacy, higher quality relationships, better health and happiness.

The same way that we have been moving from processed to whole foods, from mere fitness to yoga, OM shifts our intimate life out of the dark and into the light. Here we can have experiences that foster our well-being. We take the most powerful impulse, the orgasm impulse, and approach it in an entirely new way. we have a deliberate, repeatable method for harnessing the sex impulse to access more health, happiness, and connection in our lives. 

This guide contains the absolute fundamentals to start. It contains three parts.

  1. First, you will be exposed to the paradigm-breaking principles and philosophies that form the basis of OM

  2. Next, you will be guided through the 13 steps of the practice, from detailed recommendations on finding a partner and setting up your practice space to the actual mechanics of practice.

  3. Once you've completed steps 1 & 2, you are ready to begin your practice! We include an audio-guided OM to help you make sure your first steps are enjoyable and successful. From timings to instructional prompts, this guide is an incredible resource to getting started.

Our recommendation is to approach this guide with a beginner’s mindset. The results of OM are cumulative and, if you stick with it, they will grow in your life one day at a time.


Marissa Ward
Your Orgasm Guide 

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